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Gwen Aatlo Muro

Salon Owner/Stylist

I've been doing hair for over a decade and thrive on giving my clients more good hair days. Taking the time to learn about each of my guests and their hair helps me map out the best cutting and coloring techniques to compliment each of my clients and their hair uniquely.​

While I specialize in fine hair, grey coverage and beautiful, lived-in color, I am well versed in most textures and coloring techniques.

I take great pride in the integrity of my clients' hair and utilize the highest-end products to ensure optimal health including.

Think we might be

a great match?!

Schedule a consultation and let's find out!




Crazy Cat Lady

I have one at home named Elliott.
When out, I'll drop anything and everything to pet a cat!



and loving it!

Not full blown Keto but I've been eating low carb for over a decade!

Love eating low carb
as well?

I'd love to hear your favorite recipes and grocery store finds.

from a young age

I decided I wanted to be a hairstylist after my first "big kid" haircut when I was only

4 years old!

Not afraid to get my hands dirty!

My husband and I have done the bulk of all the construction on both of our salons!

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